Squirrel Sumi Shader & Blender Brush

The Sumi Brush was designed and then manufactured to Rachel's specifications. This is Rachel's favourite brush. Made of pure Squirrel hair and then tapered to a fine point used for:

  • Sumi Painting in a Pen and Ink style design, such as Show or Wedding Plates to fill in in a soft Watercolour technique. This is only achievable with the No. 2 Sumi Squirrel brush
  • Natural hair so  holds product for use on the Wheel
  • Ideal for filling in and blending in Tube Lining
  • Used in Pen and Ink, both firing or non fire products
  • Makes a nice Flower design if  filled will colour and pressed on the pot
  • Great for Lettering in Calligraphy style
  • Has an amazing long life. Rachel has had hers for 18 years


Price: £10.80

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