Ceramic Enhancer


Product Description

ENHANCER MAGIC IN A BOTTLEINSTRUCTIONSEnhancer is an acrylic emulsion additive that is food safe and non-toxic.  It cleans up with water and has an indefinite shelf life.  Usage techniques and firing methods are not altered.  PROTECT FROM FREEZING

          Enhancer will thicken all brands of slip and clay bodies, enabling the ceramist to attach, mend and create surface decorations.  This process can be performed on greenware, bisque or finished glazed pieces.


Use to thicken any make of underglazes or Acrylic

Enhancer will thicken any paint with just a few drops to make a colour that can be piped like French dimension or Bumpy doddles saving you lots of money

For best results put your underglaze colour into the little pipping bottles available on Fired arts web shop fill ¾ with colour and add 4 to 6 drops of Enhancer. The product will thicken when shaken immediately.

You can also thicken acrylic paints and clay slip to make a writing outlining product.

For improving glaze

If you are getting shivering, pin holes or run lines from your dipping tongs using 3 tsb of Enhancer in a 7 gallon tub will improve your glaze performance.

CERAMIC ENHANCER CREATES A BETTER SLIP MENDER:q       Bonding occurs immediately.q       Mended area dries to the same softness as the greenware.q       Mended area may be cleaned immediately.

q       Mended area does not shrink and leave a stress crack.

q       Colours and glazes adhere to mended area without showing a difference in colour.

q       Slip mixture will adhere to glaze fired surfaces.

q       Slip mixture will not produce odours or acid fumes in kiln.

PREPARING  –  *SLIP MIXTURE For Mending and Attaching·        Pour fresh slip into container.·        Add Ceramic Enhancer into slip until it begins to thicken to a consistency of cake batter.·        If *Slip Mixture becomes too thick for attaching or mending, thin back with slip – not water.  (Adding water will increase shrinkage.)

·        Unused *Slip Mixture may be stored in an airtight sealed container for several days.  Add more slip if it becomes too thick.

·        If *Slip Mixture is left open to air, it will dry and become greenware.