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Electric Kilns and Table top slab roller


Electric Kilns and Table top slab roller 2016

Kilns and table top Slab Rollers for the “Paint your own Pottery Cafe” Hobbyist and professional potters. Kilns fire to cone 10 covering earthen wear right up to porcelain

Kiln Prices June 2016

Code Kiln with kiln furniture and 2-year warranty Delivery free in UK ONLY Stock level
140L £2950 1
198L £3400 1

Please note that we have leasing arrangements available on request.

Furniture included in the kiln price

Furniture Props Full Shelf Half Shelf Batt wash
140L 18 3 x 21″ 1 x 21″ 1 kl
198L 18 4 x 21″ 1 x 21″ 1 kl

The door is quit unique and opens only a little before going back behind the kiln great for small people, the 198 only opens to 142cm or 4ft 8″ making it easy to open

We have kiln Engineers in both the South and North of England as well as on-site training for kiln use.

Our Eco friendly kilns are the best in the marketplace built for professionals firing every day. Your kiln is the most important item you will buy in your Ceramic business so buy the best.

Extra shelf and half shelf are available. All kilns come with stainless steel removable stand.

Main features of the Tucker Kiln

  • Because of the double wall more heat is kept inside the kiln and the temperature is constant. You will fire with more consistency, saving electricity.
  • Our kilns have 2/3 thermocouples to monitor temperature inside the kiln. Most other kilns only have one. The computer monitors the temperature in all three areas of the kilns and automatically adjusts the output to keep the temperature constant.
  • Our kilns have an element on the floor as well as the walls. Other kilns do not have this feature. This assists in the maintenance of a constant temperature which is so important to flawless firing. This also helps if firing glass.
  • This kiln fires to Cone 10 EASILY (1260). Most top loaders will struggle to do this efficiently as they are built for earthenware firings.
  • It also has 8 “Segments” or stages that you can programmer for firing. Other kilns normally have only 4.
  • Our kiln can be dismantled and taken apart in sections to allow you to move it around more easily through narrow doorways, staircases etc.
  • Perhaps the most attractive feature is that our kiln, because of its double wall is more energy efficient and uses 32% less electricity than other kilns. The walls are 3 1/2″ thick versus most other kilns with only 2″ thick walls. This saves you money EVERY time you fire.
  • The kiln is solid stainless steel and has 2 hinges in a slid back top loading lid making it easy to open in a small space or ideal for the shorter lady.
  • The kin has a hinge allowing you to open the door and support it at ½” for fast cooling
  • Tucker kiln are made of high density brick much firmer than other kiln on the market
  • The kiln comes with a very sophisticated Bartlett controller
  • Tucker kilns come with Rachel’s 24/7 support for as long as you need it
  • Kiln and all other training is available from Rachel

We hold stocks of 2 mobile kilns and have stocks for delivery with a week.

  • Kilns come with a 2-year Guarantee. Conditions of the Guarantee are clearly laid out.
  • The computer opens on a swing door allowing for easier accessibility for maintenance.

For more details call Rachel a call on 07970793727 or watch the Video below



Courses on kiln use held anytime just give Rachel a call on 07970793727


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