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Baby Hand & Foot Glaze Prints & Clay Prints

Hand and Foot Prints on an array of Pottery shapes and personalised with your little one’s details

Hand and Foot Prints are the perfect little memory of your little one’s from Fired Art Designs.

Baby hand and foot prints in clay

Open 7 days a week by appointment. We have a large selection of bisque shapes to suit everyone. Our choice of beautiful high pigment under glazes makes that perfect print which is then personalised with dates and names to last a lifetime. Prices start from £8

We have a choice of 28 pure pigment under glazes made especially for Hand Prints to create every little detail of your little one’s print.

If you want a design or pattern on your pottery shape we can do that also.

Once the prints have been done and finished, we will then glaze and fire them, ready for you to pick up normally within 7 days.

The perfect present or keepsake.

Cost of  Glazed Prints varies depending on what you do them on and the time spent finishing them off.  Normal from £8 up.  You are welcome to do all the lettering yourself or we offer a full personalised service.



hands and feet on tile

Prints done by customer Emma who has a great imagination

Hand Print Service is available on a 7 day Turnaround.

Shapes Available

Mugs, Plates, Money Boxes, Christmas Tree Baubles and Frames.


New from Fired art Designs are china out prints you wont find them done anywhere else. They are very trick to do and you need to allow a month. Prices start from £40

hand out print for front page

China out priint




Clay Imprints

Fired Art Designs offers a full Clay Imprint Service. Prints can be done with your little one’s from as young as 14 days old. It is easier to get a Clay Print than a Glaze Print for a new born. Prices start from only £28 for a single print. Clay prints are on a 3 week turnaround.

How does it work?

  • First of all the “Baby Soft” Clay is rolled to a perfect thickness on our Slab Roller. We only use the top quality “Baby Soft” Clay made  especially for print.
  • We then personalise with our A to Z alphabet imprint letters and numbers.
  • The Clay is dried for 1 to 3 weeks.
  • When the Clay is dry we then clean it up to a perfect high standard and high fire it to bisque.
  • After its first firing, the print is then antiqued to the colour of your choice and then glazed with a high gloss glaze.
  • Finally it is fired again to give it it’s perfectly shiny surface.


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