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About Fired Art Studio

Fired Art Designs opened a “Paint Your Own Pottery Studio” in 1986 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire by owner Rachel Byass..

About Fired Art Studio

Rachel loves to provide customers with a relaxing and enjoyable experience, helping to bring out the creativity in all ages.

Paint Your Own Pottery

The “Paint your Own Pottery” Studio seats up to 28 people and is set in a third of an acre of lovely garden where you are welcome to have a picnic after painting.

Rachel trained in Ceramics/Pottery and Decorative Art, both in the UK as well as in the US and Canada. She gained many teaching Certifications in these subjects. Rachel loves to run Children’s Parties, Open-House as well as Workshops and Bespoke training for those wanting their own pottery business.

If you are thinking of opening your own business, Rachel has set up hundreds of “Paint your own Pottery” studios worldwide, providing the training and support you need to be your own independent “Boss” and enjoy what she has enjoyed for 28 years.

Fired Art Designs also has a sister company Ceramic Studio in a Box this is based in Croydon Surry. Ceramic studio in a box manufactures dipping glaze, two types of underglaze. We also manufacture acrylics, inks and fabric paints and hope to introduce silk paint this year. Rachel has also designed many tools and gadgets for the ceramic industry, this helps bring out the artist in everyone.

Rachel has also published a ceramic book for Search Press called the complete ceramic pattern book published in English and in 2012 also in Russian

To book parties, painting or to open your own business don’t hesitate to call Rachel on 07970793727 and do take a look at our other site


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